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Waggin’tails - Testimonials

Soane Tonga'uihaGary of Waggin’ Tails has walked our two Labradors, Rosie and Max, since May 2011. With four young children and a hectic rugby schedule, Gary has been invaluable to us. Our dogs adore him and greet him with rapture on the mornings of their walk. He is extremely good with Rosie and Max - calm, patient but also firm.

On a personal level, we have always found Gary to be a friendly, reliable and very trustworthy person. He is always positive – even on wet, windy mornings when others would falter. We cannot recommend Gary highly enough.

Lucy and Soane Tonga'uiha (Rugby player for Northampton Saints and Tonga)

I have known Gary Tinston for the past two years since meeting him at Abington Park whilst working our dogs.

Gary has offered us an excellent dog walking service. He is a good time keeper, reliable and trustworthy. Maggie (our Labrador) always appears happy when going out with Gary for her walks and is suitably tired out on her return home.

I would recommend his services highly. Gary follows all health and safety procedures and completes the necessary required paperwork.

Julie Sweeney

Gary walked our two quite difficult German Shepherd dogs for us while we were away on holiday. He put in a lot of preparation for this and made sure he got to know them well. He has a calm and relaxed manner that seems to put dogs at ease, our dogs responded well to him. He has a dog of his own which is also calm - always a good sign! He was flexible as to times, prepared to take them out in the car if necessary and was not put off by our smaller dog barking at everything that moves. The dogs are always pleased to see him and his rates are reasonable. I would not have left them if I had any doubt that he could control them as they can be very hard work. I will no doubt be using him in future and fully recommend him to anyone with dog walking needs.

Katherine Felce

I am the owner of two English bulldogs. Bulldogs are low energy dogs with the breed typical characteristics of snub nosed dogs. This is especially evident during summer months as snub nosed dogs easily overheat. Their walks have been adapted by Mr Tinston to suit their breed and attention focused on rehydrating them during their walks.

When one of my dogs was recovering from eye surgery, Mr Tinston took it on himself to cater for applying any medication midday, provide short toilet visits outside and still take out my other dog for his regular walk.

In short, I am very pleased with Mr Tinston’s superb service. I have utilised other dog walkers, dog walking firms and they have not measured up with Mr Tinston’s standards. If you are still unconvinced I urge you to join one of the walks and find out for yourself.

David Gyorffy

I took on two rescue greyhounds and as I work full time I needed to find someone trustworthy and reliable to check on my dogs during the day. Finding the right person was a bit of a daunting task, but luckily Gary was the first person I came across. His honest, friendly and straightforward approach immediately put me at ease and he’s been patient and understanding with my dogs who took a little while to settle into their new home. Gary is reliable, trustworthy and very accommodating. He never lets me down and always lets me know if there are any problems during the day, including chewed up blinds and stolen eggs! He always stops to say hello if we see him out and about and he has a genuine interest in the welfare of my dogs. For two girls who are quite wary of men, I have no doubt that having a calm and knowledgeable man around can only be of benefit to them in the long run. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary’s services to anyone who is looking for a friendly, reliable and reasonable dog sitter. I’d be stranded without him.

Kathryn Smith